KinderCoin is a token linked to the fast growing education sector in China. It will be used to build schools and for token owners, a chance to diversify their assets and gain exposure into a sector and location with high barriers to entry. 80% of the profits will go towards KinderCoin holders.

Presale: US$1.2m raised from mainland Chinese investors.



Price: 1 ETH = 130 KinderCoin for first 871,000 tokens

Price: 1 ETH = 120 KinderCoin for next 1,608,000 tokens

30% & 20%

KinderCoins KinderCoin Pre-sale is live and will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis until the pre-sale hard cap of 2,479,000 tokens is reached.

Extra 30% and 20% bonuses provided for the early investors who support the project as reward as Lion City Education would then be able to go ahead to start expansion.



Price: 1 ETH = 100 KinderCoin for last 2,170,000 tokens


KinderCoins KinderCoin will be available for purchase upon the end of the pre-sale and the commencement date will be announced. The ICO will end when the ICO hard cap of 4,649,000 distributed KinderCoin is reached or after a month, whichever occurs first.

Restrictions: Singapore residents and US persons will not be allowed to purchase KinderCoin. There will be a check box on the website for buyers to declare before proceeding to the contribution page.


Why KinderCoin?

KinderCoin is a tokenized real business project belonging to Lion City Education to quickly go for a rapid business expansion in Zaozhuang City in Shandong Province, China.

  • 80% of the ICO will be set aside towards the building of education training centres and kindergartens.
  • 80% of the profits will go towards KinderCoin.
  • Not including brand premium and future potential, KinderCoin when fully valued using simple Discounted Cash Flow based on 5 years is expected to show a projected 821% gains over the next 1-1.5 years as the development funds are fully utilized.
  • Similar Chinese education businesses which are publicly listed, such as US:TAL, US:EDU and HK:1317 are currently valued at P/E ratio of 27 to 116.
  • Assuming a valuation of a conservative P/E ratio 20 is applied to KinderCoin, in about 1-1.5 years, KinderCoin’s value should top a projected growth of 3714% on starting capital.

Benefits For KinderCoin Investor

  • Investment diversification

  • Pay for educational courses at discounted rates

  • Rare opportunity to participate in an inaccessible area

  • Avenue for philanthropy and make a difference to the lives of children

  • Does not require a huge amount to start with as with other traditional funds

  • Backed by real assets and experienced business that is at the top of their local industry

  • Liquidity as token will be listed, without being stuck 5 to 10 years like traditional private equity funds

Lion City Education

Lion City Education is a premium school with a Singapore background which first opened doors in China in 2014.

  • Currently the number 1 educational training school in Zaozhuang city in Shandong province.
  • Adopted the strengths of the Singapore brand to create a premium school.
  • Highest status among its competitors, it is the only school in the city licensed to hire foreign teachers.
  • Invited by several government schools to teach, design some of the curriculum and train the government teachers.
  • Approached by many Chinese investors to buy-in.


In 2014 it started its headquarters, occupying a 5 story building that is the biggest in the city. In 2015 due to its profitability, it opened up a 2nd 2-story school. In 2016 it expanded further by obtaining a franchise from a Beijing school with a long history and set up its 3rd 2-story school to learn its best methods and practices. After integrating the best of the franchise into its own curriculum and management systems, it opened up another 2-story school. All the schools are also strategically located near to existing public schools so there is synergy in the form of partnerships with government schools and also easy access for students to simply cross the road after lessons to start their additional learning in Lion City Education centres.

The true achievement of schools is not how much it earns but how many top students it produces and this is especially important in China where reputation and branding matters. Success begets success, and each successful performing student is a live testimonial of the school’s learning systems.

At the same time, Lion City Education also focuses on the qualitative aspect and all-rounded character development of students. Its phil, when translated to English, English is “For students to learn in an enjoyable and scientifically proven way, to be able to have the keys to communicate with the world”.

Some happy students and top achievers who scored full marks in government examinations.

Population Advantage

Traditionally Shandong is known for being the top 2 provinces most willing to procreate. The number of new-borns in 2015 for Shandong was 1,240,000 and in 2016 was 1,770,000 which meant a staggering growth of 42% after the start of the new China population policy. Thus the demand for educational services is present and growing.

Government Support

Shandong government spent 206,300,000,000 yuan on education alone in 2015. In addition a new ruling has been passed as of 1st September 2017, the Chinese government will provide heavily subsidised land for companies who set up schools along with a more attractive tax structure, meaning to say the cost of building schools will be drastically reduced. In many areas where the government is trying to reduce bank lending, it actually encourages the banks to provide more business lending for the development of schools and the education sector in general.

Culture & Heritage

Shandong is the hometown of the famous scholar Confucius so it has always been the birthplace of civilization and culture. Many elites have been borne out of Shandong with the most notable being Confucius and his famous student Mencius. Till the present day, the Confucius School of Thought still wields great influence in the culture and policies of China.


It is the most comprehensive and number 1 school in Zaozhuang city. It teaches children from the ages of 3 to 18, with at least 98% retention rate as students move up each level of studies within Lion City Education. They are also different from competitors as they also make use of software and platforms to aid the learning process, to manage the teachers’ time and work, and to also receive regular feedback and acknowledgement from the students’ parents on the lessons and assignments.

In short they leverage on technology, and have standardised all processes scientifically to ensure the quality of teaching is consistent and goal driven.

In additional to the core educational training, Lion City Education also provides day care and extra tutoring services during holidays. They also offer overseas trips to countries such as Singapore and USA.

They have built up a professional workforce with strict requirements. Only experienced hires can join the school and they have to undergo 3 to 6 months of training. The school also has a healthy culture and strong opportunities where the top management works with each individual to map out his career goals. They have a total of 83 staff (both in teaching and management) and over 300 external teachers working with them.

In terms of financials and valuation, Lion City Education has a healthy balance sheet as there is zero debt. The profits margins are consistently around 20% for the past 4 years. Valuation done using Discounted Cash Flow Analysis shows that a single $1 invested would have gained 821% of profits. This is excluding the value of the brand as well as other qualitative factors. In the future expansions we expect returns to significantly increase due to greater economies of scale, new policy of heavily subsidised land provided by the government (for education), greater student demand as well as possibly leveraging on other schools by offering franchises to scale significantly.

Similar Chinese education businesses which are publicly listed, such as US:TAL, US:EDU and HK:1317 are currently valued at P/E ratio of 27 to 116. Assuming a valuation of a conservative P/E ratio 20 is applied to KinderCoin, in about 1-1.5 years, KinderCoin’s value should top a projected growth of 3714% on starting capital.

Lastly they have invested in a professional business model. In terms of the growth strategy, they acquire students through positioning themselves nearby large public schools, even to the extent of working with public schools. They then leverage on this reputation to work with even more schools to raise their name further. Secondly they have a strong retention strategy as they cover the education syllables from the age of 3 to 18 years old, ensuring no student falls out of the path.

Basically they are compounding the rate of students each year, constrained only by physical space of classrooms as they also maintain a strict quality by capping the number of students in a class to 20-30, unlike public schools which can go all the way up to 70. The last point of their successful business model is the effort they put into branding and publicity. They hold many philanthropy activities as a school with the students.They also have many media interviews that showcase their capabilities. Due to the numerous charitable activities and cooperation with public schools they now have strong blessings and close relationships with the local government.


Roadmap And Milestones

In conducting this ICO, there is a very specific purpose as part of Lion City Education’s 5-year plan. After 4 years in the business building up a solid foundation, with a professional workforce and systems in place, it is now a golden opportune to significantly expand in the next 1 year. The external conditions also support its vision, as Shandong will be welcoming its 2nd new-born who will come of age. The Chinese government offers heavily subsidised land now for education business which will drive down barriers to entry and increase profits. The local government in Zaozhuang is also nervous with the impending early childhood education demand and for the past 10 years there has only been 1 public kindergarten, without any new ones being built, with the rest being private kindergartens. Overall there is a lot of pent up demand.

Figure - A

Red dots represent the 6 private kindergartens that it is working with, teaching about 1000 students

Figure - B

Blue dots represent the 5 government schools that Lion City Education is working with, teaching 13500 students.

Figure - C

Red stars depict the current 4 schools serving about 2500 students.

Figure - D

Black stars depict the new educational training centres to be set up in its expansion plans.

Black dots depict the new kindergartens to be set up with about 1000 enrolment per kindergarten.


6 schools 1 kindergarten

Shandong will be welcoming its 2nd new-born. The Chinese government offers heavily subsidised land now for education businesses which will drive down costs. Build 2 schools and 1 kindergarten.

9 schools 2 kindergarten

Start of its 2nd 5-year plan. Build 3 schools and 1 kindergarten. The goal is to be the largest education business by 2019.

19 schools 3 kindergartens

Build 1 kindergarten and further expansion of its schools. Adopt online education model and/or franchise model as means to expand.

40 schools 3 kindergartens

Expand the number of schools to 40 by 2021. It will be a challenge to acquire talent so focus will be on franchises complemented by systems to manage and control quality.

100 schools 5 kindergartens

Expand the total number of schools to 100 and kindergartens to 5 during this period and branch out to surrounding cities.

Our Team Members

Ethereum Payments

Incorporated under Lion City Education Pte Ltd in Singapore
Sign up to receive rebates based on amount contributed
≥ 150 ETH - 5% ≥ 300 ETH - 6%
≥ 450 ETH - 7% ≥ 600 ETH - 8%
≥ 1000 ETH - 9%
After signing up, there will also be affiliate bonuses made known

KinderCoin will be created during a single token creation event and will be distributed during two phases. After both rounds of the coin offering, no subsequent tokens will be created. 4,649,000 KinderCoin will be pre-mined during the token creation event. All tokens that remain unsold after round 2 will be burned.

Total Token Supply - 4,649,000 KinderCoin

Hard Cap - 4,649,000 KinderCoin will be available to the public throughout both rounds of the initial coin offering.

Accepted Contributions - ETH, BTC, USD, SGD

Minimum Transaction Amount - 0.1 ETH. For BTC, USD and SGD fiat currencies, please contact us at